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Testing Products - weight bags

Test-Trak manufacture 10kg weight bags designed for use in automotive testing. The bags provide ballast weight to simulate occupant weight in vehicles. The bags feature 25mm seat belt webbing handles that allow the bags to be secured with the vehicles seat belts.

Construction Details

The weight bags are made of 1000 denier polyurethane coated nylon. This material is commonly used for luggage and has 5 times the abrasion resistance of canvas. The bags contain ten pockets of 1kg lead bars. The overall dimensions are approximately: 370mm x 310mm x 20mm

Why we use Lead

  • Lead has much higher density than other materials that are used (eg steel). This means that the bags are thinner and stack more easily on car seats.

  • Lead does not corrode , so there is no risk of staining the vehicle's upholstery from rust.
  • Lead bars will not spill if the bag becomes torn. Other commonly used materials, such as steel punchings, lead shot or even sand will spill through the test vehicle if the outer bag becomes damaged.
  • Segmented bags conform to the seat shape , unlike single bags of sand or lead shot, which distort the seat shape.
  • Lead is soft and is less likely to cause damage to the outer bag or other items if they are dropped.
  • Lead in bar form is not considered to be a hazardous material. Lead is not absorbed through the skin* and can only get into the body by:
    a) being inhaled, or
    b) being ingested

Ordering Details

Bags can be ordered in 1 tonne lots, visit the contact us page for all of our contact details for ordering purposes.

* Refer to the following documents for details:
"Code of practice for Lead - No. 26" published by worksafe http://www.workcover.vic.gov.au/ and
"Occupational Health & Safety (Lead) Regulations 2000" available from http://www.dms.vic.gov.au/sb/2000_SR/S01207.html

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