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The shortening of development lead times and faster information flows will make counter seasonal field tests increasingly attractive. Australia and New Zealand are excellent locations for extreme climate field testing because of: low traffic densities, favorable exchange rates, a secure political system and diverse road and weather conditions.

Shortening product design times and the move toward computer design & analysis is making field testing more focused, more time critical and more likely to involve testing locations with climates that fit the testing timetable, rather than vice-versa.

Timely delivery of data from remote field testing is becoming more critical. Increasing focus on employees Occupational Heath & Safety issues accentuates the need for diligent project management of testing expeditions. Test-Trak can help project manage testing programmes in Australia and New Zealand.

hot testing

Vehicle testing is often time critical and the use of Southern Hemisphere locations can save months by offering counter seasonal testing. Test-Trak are specialists in organizing and providing a rapid response to urgent testing.

Many European car manufacturers take advantage of the Australian hot climate and often use Australia as a hot testing facility. There are several potential locations for hot testing, but the workshop facilities, accommodation, emergency support and high security level make Woomera perfect for confidential testing.

Test-Trak is ready to help organise and provide rapid response to urgent testing.

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Cold testing
Cold testing can be conducted at the Southern Hemisphere Proving Ground near Wanaka, New Zealand. On road cold durability testing can be conducted on secluded public roads in New Zealand. Smaller cold tests can be conducted in Alpine areas of Australia. Test-Trak has a base in Queenstown and established drive routes in nearby towns.
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Performance Testing & vehicle comparison benchmarking
This is where marketing strategy meets engineering reality. Benchmark testing against competitors can be critical research before finalizing a launch strategy. Independent test results can also be used as a powerful advertising tool.
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Durability Testing
A vehicle's image and market success is created on the road, not the proving ground. On road durability testing with initial build cars is increasingly being used for final confirmation as part of the strategy to reduce the number of prototype build vehicles.
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Labour Hire
Test-Trak has a network of talented contract technicians and drivers who are available for short term and long term projects. Test-Trak staff are trained and bound by confidentiality agreements. A common requirement for additional drivers is the running in and rectification of press cars.
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Project Management

Test-Trak has the capability to run a project from start to finish. A recent example has been the Land Speed Record set by Holden Special Vehicles. We took care of project logistics, facility set-up and technical execution.

As engineering departments become leaner, Test-Trak is a resource that can help extend engineering capabilities.

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