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sydney suburban Test Location

Sydney is used for general durability driving. The Sydney road network is complex due to the hills terrain and harbour network. Sydney roads are typified by narrow hilly roads with frequent turns & intersections. It has many concrete roads with lateral joins which can be an NVH challenge for some vehicles. Accelerated brake wear tends to be exhibited in Sydney cars due to stop – start traffic.

Sydney is the state capital of New South Wales. With a population of over 4 million people, it is the most populous city in Australia. Sydney is located on the east coast of Australia. Built around Sydney Harbour, Sydney is known in Australia as the "Harbour City", and structures on the Harbour such as the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge are globally recognised icons of the city. Sydney has one of the world's most recognizable skylines. Its famous harbour is commonly referred to as the most beautiful natural harbour in the world.

Sydney City Test Location

Sydney is also one of the 10 Beta global cities (along with San Francisco, Toronto and Zurich) exerting significant regional, national, and international influence and notable for its climate, sandy beaches, culture, world class hotels and renowned landmarks.

Sydney has an oceanic climate with warm summers and cool winters, with rainfall spread throughout the year. The weather is moderated by proximity to the ocean.

Sydney has Australia’s largest airfreight base and is a major airline hub. However its sea freight cargo handling is poor.

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