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testing products - ballast towing trailer

Test-Trak has a number of ballast trailers and tray weights for use in durability testing.

A tandem trailer is used for gross weights from 750kg to 2,000 kg. High density concrete bars are used for ballast. The concrete bars are restrained with solid steel bars. Weights above 2,000kg require electric brakes according to Australian road law. The standard over-ride hydraulic brakes are a more arduous condition for the towing vehicle.

An un-braked single axle trailer is used for 750 kg weights. The trailer has high sides and water filled 27 litre HDPE cubes are used for ballast.

Test-Trak uses water filled 27 litre HDPE cubes for ballast on utility trays. These were chosen because small unit weight water filled deformable containers are safer in the event of an accident.

Test-Trak follows the guidelines detailed in the VICROADS publication: “A guide to restraining loads on light vehicles – November 1999”.

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