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Alice Springs Test Location

Alice Springs is a town in the Northern Territory of Australia, north of Adelaide. Its population of approx 30,000 makes it the second-largest settlement in the Territory (the only other towns of significant size are Darwin, the capital, and Katherine). It is popularly described as "the Alice" or simply "Alice".

A major reason for tourism to Alice Springs is its proximity to Uluru / Ayers Rock, which is 400 km to the south west.

Alice Springs is located on the Stuart Highway which runs North / South from Darwin to Adelaide. In the Northern Territory this road does not have speed limits. This makes it a popular test location for hot & high speed calibration work.

Alice Springs Test Location


Other local roads are suitable for dynamic tests such as high speed stability. Outback highways and the mountain terrain of the West MacDonald ranges provide test destinations for SUV and off road vehicles.

Temperatures vary by an average of 20degC from minimum to maximum on any given day. In summer, the temperature typically reaches the low 40'sdegC maximum (but can be as high as 48degC), while in winter it can drop to as low as -7degC minimum. The climate is arid, with little or no rainfall, although the amount of rainfall varies enormously from one year to the next. Rainfall usually occurs in the hottest months from October to March but with a yearly average of only 275 ml, clear skies are generally a pretty safe bet.

Northern Territory Speed Limits

On November 2, 2006 the Northern Territory announced the introduction of speed limits for all Northern Territory Roads commencing in January 2007.


Test-Trak is investigating some options to allow high speed testing to continue in the Northern Territory. In the meantime, high speed testing is still possible in the Woomera Prohibited Area. Contact us for details.

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