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Test-Trak is a field testing organisation that has worked with most of Australia’s car manufacturers as well as several high profile European car manufacturers. Test-Trak’s head office is in Melbourne which is the base for most durability testing, We have a facility in Woomera which is a common base for hot testing and Queenstown for cold testing.

Field-testing has long been regarded as an important part of confirming real world performance of a vehicle and its systems. Field durability testing is becoming more popular as manufacturers reduce the numbers of prototypes built. Accelerated durability testing allows manufacturers to identify quality and safety issues and develop countermeasures before consumers experience them in the field.

Doug Gould - Test-Trak Managing Director

Doug Gould BE (mech); MBA; MAICD, MIE(Aust)

Managing Director

Doug established Australia’s only specialist field-testing company (Test-Trak) in 2001. Before that he had many years of experience as a General Manager with Pacific Dunlop and as a consultant to Australian and international automotive manufacturers and component suppliers.
Doug holds a commercial Pilots license and participates in club racing as a Clerk of Course or competitor in an Alfa Romeo GTV6.

Ross Holder - Test-Trak Engineering Director

Ross Holder BE (mech)

Engineering Director

Ross is a technical specialist in motor vehicle testing, suspension design and set-up and data logging. Ross has previously been responsible for all mechanical design at Nissan Special Vehicles and engineering at Gibson Motorsport. He is regarded as one of Australia’s best data logging experts.
Ross has a private pilot’s license and periodically races an Alfa Romeo GTV6

Jayce Moore - Test-Trak Engineer


James is both a qualified mechanic and has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. After initial engineering jobs as a design engineer with tier 1 OE suppliers and vehicle manufacturers, James moved into race engineering. James has worked with some of Australia’s highest profile V8 supercar teams, including setting up the engineering function for a start-up team.

James has worked with Test-Trak since 2005 on a number of projects including hot and cold prototype durability projects.


Key Staff

Test-Trak has wide range of drivers available. Some of our drivers have extensive proving ground experience. All drivers have been through our training regime.
Test-Trak also has a network of service providers to provide all the services that are required for the most demanding test programme. These include: IT, Freight, Insurance, Communications, prototype transport & recovery, air charter, travel bookings and mechanical fabrication


Mission Statement

Test-Trak conducts field-testing for car manufacturers and key suppliers. Test-Trak specialises in qualitative testing. Test-Trak is unique in offering this type of testing service in Australia, although there are similar companies of significant size in Europe and America.

Test-Trak is a project-based business. We assemble the required skills for a project from our network. Test-Trak has a talented network of staff that provides a base of engineering experience unique to the testing industry. This approach reduces the company’s overall overhead base and enables us to apply the best people to a project, rather than the conventional approach of finding work that existing staff are able to fulfill.

Test-Trak primarily operates in the areas of qualitative testing where we apply engineering principals to areas where dead reckoning has previously been accepted as normal practice.

Test-Trak seeks to be the most professional automotive testing company through:

  1. OE levels of process control, procedures and quality
  2. Outstanding staff with high levels of training
  3. The highest level of vehicle care, client focus, and confidentiality
  4. Thought leadership of qualitative vehicle testing
  5. Safe and cautious practices to ensure staff safety and the prevention of vehicle damage
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